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October 3, 2017

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"Rich in Biblical truth and practical application, Denise's voice is authentic and vulnerable. Whether in sharing her personal story and insights or challenging us to dig deeper, she does it straight from her heart. Christ in Yoga & You is a complete and comprehensive guide that shows not only is Christ-centered yoga beneficial for all believers, but it is a viable discipline that will bring holistic healing and harmony to your mind, body and spirit while increasing your intimate relationship with Jesus Christ." —PAMELA RENO, RYT, REFLECTIONS YOGA, RENAULT CONSULTING, LLC


"I have been honored and humbled to study under the authentic mentorship of Denise for the past 5 years. It is, without a doubt, a resource unlike any I've seen. Yoga is frequently described as a mind, body, and spirit experience; an experience where all three components of our being are touched, challenged and transformed. After reading this unique resource, the reader will truly have the tools to incorporate all three aspects into their practice. The practice of life and learning to rest, stand, strengthen, balance and open the heart to our God-given worth, potential, and purpose. Enjoy!" —LORIE CORRADO, RYT-200 WWW.THRIVEHEALTH.COM


"In a fast pace world where we mostly ignore caring for our bodies, Denise helps us see not only the importance of why but how to do it. Her voice is nurturing yet fierce as she invites us to take things deeper in all aspects of life. After reading this book I’m more motivated than ever to embrace my story, take care of myself, improve my posture, find balance in my life, build strength and give myself the freedom to rest. Denise has so much wisdom on how we can integrate our bodies, minds and spirits to live in “whole health.” She sets the table to receive a freer, lighter way to live with Christ in us." —KATIE KEMP, WRITER, WWW.KATIEELIZABETHKEMP.COM


"Having the privilege of knowing Denise Stemple, I can say firsthand she knows exactly what whole health means. She wants her readers and clients to thrive physically, mentally and spiritually. If you feel stuck, want a healthier life, or want to live and love to your fullest, then you are going to want to dive into Denise’s wisdom as she unfolds it. She brings a lifetime of knowledge to her book. You will not want to miss out on this." —ABIGAIL FISHER, WRITER, YOGA INSTRUCTOR, TEACHER


"This book is a gift for all who are weary and in need of true rest for their spirit. I have been honored to practice and teach Christ-Centered Yoga alongside Denise for more than 6 years and yet learned so much in reading her book. If you have never practiced Christ-Centered Yoga, you are in for a rich spiritual treat every time you hit your mat with Christ in Yoga & You. If Christ-Centered Yoga is already one of the ways you connect mind, body and spirit, then get ready to take it to the next level. Denise has captured some of her best yoga cues and alignment techniques—along with Christian Life Coaching—in this very special book. Her personal stories, applicable Scriptures, song lyrics and other wisdom sprinkled throughout the book make this a must-have guide for any Christian yogi." —NIKI SPARKS, CYT-HYI, BLOGGER

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