Linger in His Love

December 26, 2017


I pray this Christmas, you experienced the Christ child with awe and wonder, Emmanuel-God with us, who came to save the world.
Come, let us worship, bow before Him, on your knees before God, who made us! Oh yes, He’s our God, and we’re the people He pastures, the flock He feeds.

Psalm 95:6-7 MSG


As we wrap up 2017, let us linger a bit longer in the fragrance of His unconditional love at The Grange, 72nd & Simms, tomorrow night, 12/27, 6p-7:15p, $30/4 classes or $10 to drop in. 


Hi Friends,
I’ve taken some extra time with the Lord over the Advent season, reflecting on 2017 and preparing for 2018. It's the Coach in me, but also a way to pay closer attention to what God is speaking to my soul, and what He has to say about my unfolding story. I pray you've been able to slow down, feel more connected to Him, and hear His still small voice as you navigate all He's invited you into in the world around you. 


Let me share a bit with you. First, I am grateful for each one of you. Your beautiful faces and faithful commitment create a kinship that goes beyond the classroom.  Thank you for your willingness to pursue your whole health in body, mind, soul, and spirit so that you can be the best steward of all God has given you. When you invite a friend to join us, you are a part of the ripple effect for the kingdom. I look forward to deepening our connection with Him, our relationship with one another and our practice. 


This Christ-centered Yoga Community is about us being image bearers, the discipline of refining our self-care, breath, poses, prayer, and about experiencing the unconditional love of Jesus Christ so we can share it with our neighbor. Unmasked, in our yoga pants and our sweatiness (is that a word?), our time on the mat or off the mat is a gift in a world of absolute loneliness. I pray we all feel the responsibility of creating space for change. If you need a hug, a prayer or have a praise, I want you to feel safe enough to ask for it or extend it. Please impart or receive His love and grace wherever needed. Then pass it on to the next one, and so on. I do what I do, to empower others to do it too!


As I continue the work of my spiritual formation, I want to help you form yours. If there's an obstacle in your way, fear, doubt, unworthiness, or an unhealed wound, know there is a Way to release and break free in the name of Jesus. The holidays enhance every joy, emotionv, unmet expectation, or loss. Social media is a mechanism to connect but isn’t supposed to fulfill the longings of our hearts. But Jesus does; He knows you, He sees you, and He wants to fill the void through a real encounter with Him. When we remain in Him, abide in Him, the Vine, we'll bear much fruit.


My goal for each of you is to realize what you love and then to walk that out in daily life. What you delight in and long for is at the root of how you practice and progress in your faith, your health and well being. The journey from the head to the heart is the love of the truth. How willing are you to move beyond what you know and allow yourself to experience God as your true heart's desire, your fervent longing? 


I want to encourage you if you have missed class, if you’re new, or if things aren't quite synching, hang in there, don't give up. Transformation takes time, that's why a system is so helpful. I'm here, our group is here, to listen, support and encourage you along the way. We can do this together, walk out our salvation, and become more like Him. Jesus asks us to imagine our life with Him. Anytime we intentionally do something to shift our understanding or our experience of God; we are participating in our spiritual formation. Spend time with Him, listening leads to revelation. Pay attention to what He is inviting you into and work toward a greater alignment with His life and teachings. When we do this in a community, we become more connected to each other's story.


There will be some new changes coming in 2018, more events, a new system and a different form of communication. With the overload of information these days I want to add value to your walk over more clutter. I want you to want to stay connected with zero pressure. You can let me know via email if you want off my mailing list, or you can unsubscribe later.


Thank you again for being a crucial part of expanding the kingdom for His glory, so grateful.  I look forward to 2018 with an expectant heart!
Much love, blessings and favor upon you.

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